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Dietetics involve therapeutic use of food, not merely weight loss.

Do not prohibit yourself of any critical nutrients that are necessary for your body, the absence of which may not be immediately noticeable with crash diets but can have long-term negative health effects.

Our approach is holistic

Consequently, attain weight management objectives and experience a multifold rise in energy levels with foods that are healthful and nutrient-rich and do not deprive you of any vital macro- or micronutrients. Regular monitoring by a certified dietitian has been demonstrated to improve diet adherence and accelerate the achievement of fitness goals.

Dietitian & Nutritionist

Don’t Eat Less | Eat Right

I am on a mission to make your body and mind fit with nutritionist diets and gives you a healthy life that you deserve.

Eat whatever you can maintain and then implement them in a manner that aligns with your lifestyle.

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    Based on 51 reviews
    Daulat Sarfani
    Daulat Sarfani
    18. May, 2022.
    sonam khilwani
    sonam khilwani
    18. May, 2022.
    Pooja Sharma
    Pooja Sharma
    12. April, 2022.
    ❤️From day one she understand my issues and explain all the things which is good for my health. She a good mentor for me.😊
    Sumit Kathuria
    Sumit Kathuria
    27. February, 2022.
    She is great person and the best dietician till the date I have come across. I was struggling in loosing my weight but she made it very easy and convenient for me. She always motivate you to achieve your goals and focus on healthy life style. She is not just a dietician but a coach towards a healthy lifestyle.
    Esha Gupta
    Esha Gupta
    23. December, 2021.
    She makes the diet as per your choices, even you don't like any food she will give substitute ,she do regular follow up , great experience.
    Richa Singh
    Richa Singh
    30. July, 2021.
    Started diet plan with Binny for overall health and nutrition with a goal of losing some fat and building muscle. It’s been great, I’ve seen much improvement in my health and fitness level. I feel energetic throughout the day and it has helped me regularise my cycles with no PMS at all.
    Harshavardhan Sripathi
    Harshavardhan Sripathi
    29. July, 2021.
    Sameena Kaynat
    Sameena Kaynat
    29. July, 2021.
    Sakshi Ganeriwal
    Sakshi Ganeriwal
    29. July, 2021.
    Neelam Mann
    Neelam Mann
    29. July, 2021.
    Wonderful experience...Was stuck on the same weight from so long and tried many diets...but nothing worked..thn I consulted Binny and she helped me loose weight and inches and finally I feel much better and confident..Will always choose her whenever I will need guidance ☺️
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